Why take a cruise: 10 reasons to escape with the Aranui



Discover Polynesia: Top 10 Reasons to Embark on an Aranui Cruise Adventure

Cruises have long been a popular way to explore the world while enjoying the luxury and comfort of a floating hotel. That's why more and more people are booking a vacation on a ship.

But if you're thinking about cruise ships and an extraordinary journey across the seas, you should definitely consider a trip on the Aranui 5. This specially designed blend of a cruise ship and a cargo ship offers a combination of upscale cruising and maritime adventure that you won't find on other cruise ship.

Cruising on the Aranui 5, however, not only offers comfort and adventure, but is also a particularly convenient way to discover French Polynesia. A normal round trip requires frequent changes of hotels and thus constant packing of suitcases.

On cruises, such as with the Aranui, you can comfortably maintain your accommodations on board while travelling through the islands of French Polynesia. This means you can save time, money and fully focus on exploring and enjoying the experience without worrying about the hassle of packing and unpacking. It's this combination of convenience, comfort and adventure that makes a trip on the Aranui 5 one of the most practical and exciting ways to explore French Polynesia.

why take a cruise

Here are 10 reasons why travelling on the Aranui 5 cruise ship will be an unforgettable vacation.

1. The Aranui 5: beyond a simple ship

The Aranui 5 is no ordinary cruise ship. It is a passenger ship on the one hand and a cargo ship on the other, offering the unique ability to carry both passengers and cargo to remote locations. This special feature gives the ship its own unique character and allows guests to participate in an authentic maritime experience.

On the Aranui 5, passengers can not only enjoy the amenities of a first-class cruise ship, but also experience the fascination of life aboard a working cargo ship. Here, one becomes part of the supply chain in French Polynesia. This blend of luxury and authenticity makes the Aranui 5 a unique travel experience. It departs Tahiti for the Marquesas, Tuamotus and Society Islands in French Polynesia on a 12-day cruise that includes meals and excursions as per the programme. The Aranui 5 was built to provide all the comforts of a cruise ship while still fulfilling her role as a supply vessel. It is classified as a small ship and has capacity for about 230 passengers in 103 cabins.

2. A stay marked by Polynesian sophistication

The Aranui 5 is a prime example of Polynesian elegance and sophistication. The interior decor reflects the Polynesian heritage of the owners and crew. Cabins come in a variety of categories from basic to standard to presidential. All are tastefully decorated. Dining on board is of course a highlight, as authentic traditional Polynesian cuisine is served alongside European dishes.

The concept of the Aranui Polynesia cruise has remained the same for generations: an authentic and traditional Polynesian offering that benefits all of Polynesia. Thus, almost all staff and crew members are of Polynesian descent; they come from the most diverse islands of the five archipelagos. It is a unique experience to be there when they introduce their homeland to the guests.

3. Equipment and services worthy of great hotels

Aboard the Aranui 5, you'll find an impressive selection of amenities and services that rival some of the best hotels for a relaxing vacation. From a swimming pool to a tattoo parlour, there's something for everyone. This is not only supported by the 8 decks the ship has, but also by the facilities: a restaurant where all meals on board are served in a cozy atmosphere; also 2 lounges, 2 conference rooms where guest lecturers offer presentations on various topics on the Marquesas Islands, 4 bars, an outdoor swimming pool, a boutique, a massage room and a fitness centre. The Sky Bar is particularly impressive, with its breathtaking panoramic ocean views.

But what stands out among all the services is the enormous value for money this unique cruise offers. Taking into account everything that is included - from the exquisite meals to the varied activities and comfortable accommodations - it becomes clear that a vacation on the Aranui 5 not only features high-quality services, but also offers exceptional value for money. What's more, all the daily excursions to the various destinations are already included. 

4. A rich and tasteful journey to the heart of Polynesia

Well-known cruise ships such as Costa and AIDA may offer a wide range of gourmet delights, but on board the Aranui 5 you will experience an authentic gastronomic journey to the heart of Polynesia. Experience flavourful dishes prepared from fresh ingredients of the region, with all meals included in the cost of the cruise. The flavours of Polynesia are truly a treat for the senses. Aranui's restaurant serves French and Polynesian food, adding to the trip's authenticity on the culinary front as well. 

5. Stopovers and panoramas: a living postcard

A voyage on the Aranui means discovering a new island at every stop. The panoramas of the Pacific Ocean are breathtaking and offer unforgettable views that will be etched in your memory like living postcards. And the special thing is: all excursions are already included in the tour price so there is no need to budget for extra expenses.

6. Navigate with complete peace of mind

A cruise is also a completely relaxed way to travel, because you do not have to worry about anything. Everything is already organised for the passengers so that they can simple relax and enjoy his vacation.

In addition, there is a reassuring feeling that the Aranui 5 is subject to the French flag quality guarantee and meets the strictest safety standards. This ensures that the trip is safe and worry-free. But Aranui is also thinking of the environment: In 2022, the Aranui 5 received certification from the Green Marine Europe environmental programme. Furthermore, the Aranui is also proud to bear the label "Company for the Protection of Biodiversity". Finally, the ship is equipped with an exhaust gas cleaning system ("Ventsep" centrifugal system) that complies with the latest MARPOL standards. So you can vacation with a clear conscience and protect the environment.

7. Accommodation adapted to each traveler

The accommodations aboard the Aranui 5 are varied and tailored to the needs of different travellers. From the intimacy of the cabins to the conviviality of the dormitories, each space is designed with passenger comfort in mind. Here they can choose the right one for every taste and budget: From outside premium cabins (more than 90% of which have a private balcony) to outside standard porthole cabins to shared dormitories for up to 4 or 8 people.

why take a cruise
Premium cabin suite

8. Immerse yourself in the Marquesan culture

The Marquesas are a true paradise, far away from mass tourism. On board the Aranui you have various opportunities to learn all about the fascinating culture of the Marquesas. Cultural courses, such as dance and language classes, are offered. Or you can learn how to weave a palm leaf and tie the islands' traditional cloth, the pareo, to be suitbly dressed for different occasions.

Various guest lecturers, all experts in their field related to history, culture, art or archeology, and specialising in French Polynesia or the Marquesas Islands, will deepen your knowledge on each topic in an entertaining way. Furthermore, the islanders you will meet can give you many precious tips for activities to get to know the country and its people even better. These interactive experiences allow you to be not just a spectator, but an active participant in the culture of the Marquesas. 

why take a cruise

For the more adventurous among you, the Aranui 5 also offers activities such as hikes and excursions that allow you to experience the breathtaking nature of the Marquesas up close. This will give you the opportunity to explore the islands' unique wildlife, scenic landscapes and museums. On excursions, you can discover the Marquesas, for example, on a tour by four-wheel drive vehicle or by exploring the villages on foot. There are many activities, on board, on land and at sea, to experience the Marquesas.

During the cruise in the Marquesas archipelago, the Aranui 5 will stop at each of the six inhabited islands of this mythical archipelago to deliver cargo. While the crew unloads the goods needed by the islanders, passengers will tour the islands with the ship's English-speaking guides. While the Aranui 5 offers three different cruises in French Polynesia, the cruise to the Marquesas Islands remains its most important and historic itinerary. As the supply ship of the Marquesas, the Aranui 5 has an important connection to this archipelago.

9. Intimate moments and romantic views

The natural spectacles of sunrises and sunsets on the high seas are breathtaking. The Aranui 5 provides the perfect backdrop for intimate moments and romantic views that will make your voyage unforgettable. On deck, enjoy the endless colours of the sunset reflected in the ocean as another day in the South Pacific comes to an end. After a three-course dinner, the Aranui Band will thrill you with the rhythm of Polynesia and teach you to move your hips to the rousing sounds of the Tamure or Tahitian Waltz.

But the Aranui 5 offers not only intimate moments and romantic views of the Pacific Ocean, but also unique opportunities to socialise and meet other travellers who are as passionate about Polynesia as you are. During a vacation on this ship, the boundaries between passengers and crew often melt into warm friendships. While you enjoy the natural spectacles of sunrises and sunsets, you can hang out in the ship's common areas and strike up conversations with like-minded people.

Whether you're chatting in the bars, participating in activities or simply sharing the breathtaking views, there are plenty of opportunities to make new acquaintances and share most travel experiences. Moreover, most of the activities and events on board are organised in such a way that guests simply have the opportunity to get to know each other even better. This not only creates special memories, but also valuable and lasting social connections that will make your trip with the Aranui 5 an unforgettable and enriching experience.

10. Polynesia in its raw and authentic state.

The Marquesas, which you will explore on the Aranui, is a true jewel of Polynesia in its raw and authentic state. Here you can experience real encounters with locals and discover the beauty of these remote islands, far from mass tourism.

Conclusion : Board for a unique experience in Polynesia !

A cruise on the Aranui 5 is much more than just a voyage. It is a unique opportunity to experience Polynesia in all its splendour and authenticity while enjoying the comforts of a first-class cruise ship. From the exquisite cuisine to the breathtaking panoramas, a voyage on the Aranui 5 promises unforgettable experiences and unforgettable memories. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime on this unique mixed cargo ship.


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