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Aranui's Covid testing requirements

In Papeete, on January 5th 2022

Dear Guests and Partners,

To travel to French Polynesia, we invite you to check the entry conditions on the website of the tourism board.

Aranui Cruises will resume its sailings from January 22nd 2022. As a  condition, and in consideration of the fast spreading and highly transmissible omicron variant, French Polynesian Health Authorities have imposed the following COVID tests as part of our updated health

Aranui Cruises will only welcome on board fully vaccinated passengers and crew.

To ensure the safety of all our guests and staff as well as the inhabitants of the islands we visit, COVID testing will be carried out effective January 21st 2022 as follows according to the regulations in force:

All passengers will be required a negative result to a RT-PCR test to be performed at Aranui Cruises’ head office one day prior to the ship’s sailing.

All passengers will be required to take an antigen test onboard prior to our first call in the Marquesas Islands.

Cost of the test(s) will be charged to the guest’s onboard account to be settled at the end of the cruise, as follows:

  • RT-PCR test = USD 115.00 $ per test (or 100.00 Euro per test)

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

We thank you for your understanding.

The Aranui Team

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Sanitary bubble on-board

The Aranui has put in place a set of sanitary measures on board to ensure the safety of its passengers, crew and the people we visit.


1- The ship is a confined space par excellence: ship’s interior volumes generally do not provide minimum physical distance of 1 to 2 metres.

2- The destination does not allow you to reach a state-of-the-art hospital in less than 48 hours.

These two statements do not authorize any risk-taking to convey nor spread COVID-19 or any other epidemic virus during the cruise.

These rules will seem binding at first glance, they require a good dose of self-discipline, but respected by all, they can guarantee you a beautiful cruise that is not likely to be interrupted or even cancelled by the country’s health authorities.

1- Physical distance: minimum 1 metre (except within a homogeneous group)

2- Wearing the mask: by ALL (except within a homogeneous group) as long as the distance of 1m cannot be respected:
– By the crew members in direct contact with the passengers: restaurant waiters, waiters, housekeepers, receptionists, shopkeepers, masseuse, tattoo artist, guides, ship’s tender crew members, doctor, nurse, etc.
– During your travels in all the interior spaces of the ship,
– During the lectures given on board,
– During the gatherings on board (including Abandon Ship drill),
– During the gatherings ashore,
– On board the ship’s tenders,
– In taxis and public transport,
– In shops and craft centres, etc.

3- Members of a homogeneous group: members of the same family, cabin partners, and people usually living together: gather without any special measures.

4- People outside the homogeneous group: respect physical distance if possible, otherwise wear a mask.

5- Hand washing/disinfection: As often as possible, in hot water and soap, or in hydro-alcoholic gel friction:
– before touching objects and surfaces that others are likely to touch,
– after touching objects or surfaces that others may have touched,
– before entering the bar, restaurant, conference room, leaving the bar, restaurant, conference rooms,
– etc.

6- Restaurant and bars:
– Members of homogeneous groups will be brought together without any special measures, the others will be spaced at least 1m apart,
– Self-service buffets are suspended,
– Water fountains are not in service , water bottles are available in the cabin and can be refilled during meals by restaurant staff.

7- Outings ashore: In addition to dressing in light clothing that dries quickly, wearing enclosed and comfortable shoes and a headgear, and bringing sunscreen and mosquito repellent, you are urged to bring MASKS and flasks of HYDRO-ALCOHOLIC GEL for your outings ashore.


– A minimum of 3 alternative (fabric) masks per person: you will then have the opportunity to wash/dry them every evening in the cabin,
– Several flasks of hydro-alcoholic gel per person.