Wander Woman : "Aranui 5: The world’s most unusual cruise ship sailing the world’s most exotic itineraries"


Wonder Woman published an article about the cruise experience on board the Aranui 5

On January 21st, 2020, Wander Woman published an article about the Aranui 5, written by Debbie Olsen. She is talking about her cruise experience on board the Aranui 5 to discover some of the most remote islands in the South Pacific. Read the full article here.


“I stood on the deck of Aranui 5 just after sunrise with a small group of fellow travelers who had risen early to watch our French captain, Christophe Dupuy, perform something he called “la grande manoeuvre.” He was sailing the ship into an extremely narrow channel and then doing a 180-degree turn before mooring. The seas were rough and the walls of the channel were steep and rocky. One false move and there would be trouble.”

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