Trip Savvy : “I Hitched a Ride On a Cargo Ship to Scuba Dive in Remote South Pacific Islands”


Trip Savvy released an article about the Aranui cruises

On June 9th 2021, the Aranui has been featured in an article by Trip Savvy, written by Suzie Dundas. The journalist talks about her experience on board the Aranui and how she enjoyed scuba diving in French Polynesia, which she definitely considers as some of the best she’s ever done, with shark sightings on every dive.

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“the best part of the Aranui is that it’s an adventure cruise, and that means guests can personalize their adventures. Not surprisingly, I focused on spending my time underwater. While other cruisers opted for beach days or ATV tours of the mountains, I strapped on my dive gear and dived with sea turtles in Tahiti, saw the famous “Wall of Sharks” on the island of Fakarava, had a dolphin swim alongside me for most of my dive in Rangiroa’s Tiputi Pass, and went below the surface in Tahuata, swimming along the rocky, stingray-filled walls. 

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