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Travel + Leisure: "Special Delivery"


Travel + Leisure published an article about the Aranui, “a ship that has a sense of homecoming”

On July 24th, 2022, Travel + Leisure published an article about the Aranui 5, written by Maggie Shipstead. She praises the Aranui as “an ark that bears the stuff of daily existence to the Marquesas”. Read the full article here.

Goods are unloaded from the Aranui 5 in the harbor at Hiva Oa. PHOTO: TOM FOWLKS


“All French Polynesian people know how to sing,” said Lehi Tehiva, one of our guides. “It doesn’t matter what island they are from. They are all singers.”

I’ve always felt odd about recommending destinations based on “the people,” when people are by definition a mixed bag, no matter where they live. Pretending otherwise, even in praise, can seem reductive. But it’s true that French Polynesia’s warm, relaxed vibe comes as much from its residents as from its natural tropical splendor. People are welcoming and proud of their islands. And everyone can sing.

Unlike on most cruise ships, the Aranui’s crew and passengers hang out together on the stern decks and in the lounges. The arrangement, like the ship itself, is comfortable, inclusive, and lively. “We are a family here,” more than one guide told me.”

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