The Knot : "Your Complete Guide to a Tahiti Honeymoon"


The Knot published an article about honeymoons in Tahiti including the Aranui 5

On August 16, 2021, The Knot published an article including the Aranui Cruises, written by Suzie Dundas. The journalist suggests a complete guide to a Tahiti honeymoon, recommending newlyweds to visit the Marquesas islands and check out the Aranui 5. Read the full article here.


“The ship came online in winter 2015, when it replaced earlier versions. Although it lacks some of the perks of large cruise ships, it makes up for it in the access it provides to a beautiful place that’s off the radar for most people.We visited six Marquesas islands, plus Bora Bora and two islands in the Tuamotu Archipelago. At each stop, I thought I had discovered Eden. But then on the next stop, I’d feel that way again.All of the ports were tiny; at some, virtually every resident turned out to greet us, dancing, singing and playing instruments.They were our entertainment, and we were theirs.”

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