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THE I NEWSPAPER: "The crate beyond"


The I Newspaper published an article about Lonely Planet founder, Tony Wheeler’s cruise experience onboard the Aranui

Lonely Planet founder, Tony Wheeler, joined us on a cruise aboard Aranui 5 in December 2022. You can read all about his adventures, including his search for ancient tikis, in this feature which appeared in The I Newspaper on 3 February 2023 . Please read the full story here.

croisière d'exploration bateau Aranui


“When it comes to local island history, the stone tiki figures of the Marquesas are clearly related to their larger Polynesian brethren, the gigantic moai figures of Easter Island. Visits to archaeological sites featured regularly on our journey, including the Te I’Ipona archaeological site on Hiva Oa with the islands’ biggest tiki collection. An extraordinarily energetic drumming and dancing group welcomed us to the Kamuihei site on Nuku Hiva, grass skirts flying, tattoos rippling, underlining another Polynesian Pacific connection – the Kiwi All Blacks’ rugby haka being perhaps the best-known example.”

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