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Los Angeles Daily News: "A journey to the Marquesas will immerse you in island spirits"


Los Angeles Daily News published an article about the Aranui’s cruise to the Marquesas

On August 23rd, 2022, Los Angeles Daily News published an article about the Marquesas islands, written by Norma Meyer. The journalist describes her experience aboard the Aranui 5 and her impressions. Read the full article here.


“You bet I feel the “mana” spiritual power. Partly because, as I dive into a captivating culture, my Aranui 5 passenger-freighter unloads crates of frozen chicken, powdered milk, house windows, concrete and other necessities to these far-flung Marquesas Islands at an edge of the world in French Polynesia. To get here, I traveled 1,000 nautical miles from Tahiti aboard the Aranui, a lifeline that twice-monthly brings supplies to the Marquesas, which have no other way to obtain them. In fact, a major highlight of the 11-night sailing is watching the Aranui’s cargo — everything from live horses to a Toyota truck to russet potatoes — delivered to grateful residents of all six inhabited islands in the Marquesas’ 12-island volcanic chain.”

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