Le Mana: Discover the Polynesian way of life on a cruise in the Marquesas Islands


According to the CNRTL (National Center for Textual and Lexical Resources), Mana is a “higher force prevalent in nature, inhabiting certain beings and certain things, to which it confers the power to dominate others by their great physical power, their almost supernatural gifts, both sacred and magical and which can be transmitted to another member of the clan” (Source : CNRTL). A concept strongly present on our ship Aranui 5, during cruises in the Marquesas Islands

Le Mana, in the heart of the Marquesas cruises of Aranui 5 

This “sacred force” is fundamental in traditional culture: if it no longer evokes power, it is considered a general awakening – like the Prana in Hindu teachings or the Holy Spirit among Catholics. 

Deeply rooted in Polynesians, Mana translates into ‘grandeur’, ‘authority’, ‘stature’, ‘elegance’, ‘beauty’, ‘presence’ and ‘control’… to define a specific situation, a specific context or a singular point of view. 

On each of our cruises in the Marquesas Islands dans les îles Marquises, it is broadcast by the kindness of our Polynesian staff, the imposing vegetation of the land or the majesty of the sea. A concept that is both natural and mysterious, it takes over the travellers open to Mana: it combines purity (ma) from which life, humility, respect, dignity, love, sharing and goodness flow … and wisdom (na) from which come empirical, technical and ancestral knowledge, common sense, faith in the devine and the state of grace…! 

Thanks to knowledgeable guides, such as those on Aranui 5, it is possible to access particular sites, preserved since ancient times and renowned for concentrating this scared force. Live the Polynesian experience fully – both physically and spiritually – during our cruises to the Marquesas!  

îles marquises ceremonie mana

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