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Get lost : "The passage to paradise"


Get lost published an article about Aranui’s paradisiacal cruise to the Marquesas

Roberto Serrini goes in search of an authentically exotic paradise aboard the Aranui 5. Read the article here.

Extract :

“What strikes me as interesting is that almost everyone here has either been on the cruise before or has discovered it through a personal recommendation. It’s a testament to the quality of this unique experience and ensures plenty of diversity in the chatter about expectations as the ships horn sounds and it starts gliding through the salty blue mass towards paradise.

Nothing can prepare us for the remarkability of our destination and despite the Aranui 5’s obvious attraction as a cargo ship, it’s the remote Marquesas that really steals the spotlight. That’s why we’re here after all; the Aranui 5 is merely our vessel to get to the otherwise difficult to reach and wholly untapped islands.”

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