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Choice : "Polynesian paradise"


Choice magazine released an article about the Aranui 5

In July 2018, Choice magazine published an article on the Aranui 5 and the Marquesas islands, written by Clive Nicholls. The journalist describes the itinerary and life on board the Aranui 5, and how he enjoyed stunning sunrises, welcoming smiles, traditional dancers and the barges going from ship to shore.

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“The welcome in Tahiti is exciting and I can’t wait for the next stage of my journey in this Polynesian paradise – boarding the Aranui 5, the cruise liner that doubles up as a supply vessel for these remote islands. As I board the ship, once again the welcome is floral, warm and very real – the smiles are infectious. Compared with conventional cruise liners, the Aranui is small; on my trip there are fewer than 200 passengers and just over 100 crew. What makes it interesting is that the front half of the ship is for cargo that is a lifeline to the islands we’ll be visiting. We are carrying everything: food, construction materials, white goods and I can see that someone has ordered a new 4×4 pick-up truck. Not only that, we’re carrying everything needed to unload the cargo: barges (we can’t always dock alongside a pier); forklift trucks big enough to pick up a full container; and we’ve even got a high-end fishing boat if you fancy a spot of sea fishing”

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