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AFAR: "A First-Timer’s Guide to the Marquesas Islands"


AFAR published an article about the cruise experience in the Marquesas Islands

On February 4th, 2022, in AFAR’s recent “First-Timer’s Guide to the Marquesas Islands” readers will come to understand these 12 islands largely off-the-traveler-radar, what to expect, do, how to get to the Marquesas and more. Our head of housekeeping, a Marquesan from Ua Pou, was also interviewed in this story. Please read the full story here.


“The vast majority of travelers to the Marquesas come via the Aranui 5, a half-cargo, half-cruise ship that makes roughly 15 trips per year to the islands from Tahiti. The unique vessel is divided into two sections, with the front dedicated to cargo storage for everything from horses to cars to cases of frozen chicken (supposedly the most-requested item on the islands). The stern carries up to 220 guests in accommodations ranging from shared bunks to luxurious suites with private balconies. Throughout the 13-day voyage, guests are encouraged to connect with the staff; about 90 percent of them are Tahitian, most Marquesan.”

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