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Rapa Iti – Abgeschiedenheit in Perfektion

Cruise to the Austral Islands: all you need to know about the most secret archipelago of French Polynesia
Among the 5 archipelagoes, the one of the Austral Islands is located 600 km south of the Polynesian capital, Tahiti. Why not explore them on a cruise to the Austral Islands in 2022 with Aranui?
Rapa Iti – Abgeschiedenheit in Perfektion
Cruise to the Austral Islands: all you need to know about the most secret archipelago of French Polynesia
Among the 5 archipelagoes, the one of the Austral Islands is located 600 km south of the Polynesian capital, Tahiti. Why not explore them on a cruise to the Austral Islands in 2022 with Aranui?

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cook's bay,baie de cook
The Knot : "Your Complete Guide to a Tahiti Honeymoon"
August 16, 2021, The Knot (USA) The journalist suggests a complete guide to a Tahiti honeymoon, recommending newlyweds to visit the Marquesas islands and check out the Aranui 5.
Pitcairn Islands: all about the Bounty mutiny
Aboard the Aranui, in the heart of a cruise in French Polynesia, relive the adventures of the Bounty rebels, by approaching the mythical Pitcairn Island. This islet, one and a half miles long and one mile wide, is steeped in history and is still home to the descendants of the sailors of the famous ship, an object of fascination for decades...
Los Angeles Times : "Half-cruise, half-cargo ships provide authenticity in place of cocktails and casinos"
January 30, 2017, Los Angeles Times (USA) The journalist describes the itinerary of the Aranui which offers a daydreamer’s voyage to the dazzling shores of paradise.
iles cook paysage rarotonga
National Geographic : "21 Best Cruises in the World"
March 23, 2017, National Geographic (USA) The journalist describes the Aranui cruise in the Marquesas islands as one of the Best Cruises in the World.
Nuku hiva iles marquises
Le Parisien Week-end : "In the Marquesas Islands, with Brel and Gauguin"
March 30, 2018, Le Parisien Week-end (France) The journalist talks about the Marquesas archipelago and its fourteen paradise islands, which can be admired when you embark in Papeete, on the Aranui 5, for 1,500 kilometers of cruising.
Choice : "Polynesian paradise"
July 2018, Choice (UK) The journalist describes the itinerary and life on board the Aranui 5, and how he enjoyed stunning sunrises, welcoming smiles, traditional dancers.
marquis tenue traditionnelle
VSD: "Exquisite Marquesas"
September 2018, VSD (France). The Aranui 5 and the Marquesas Islands are featured in an article in "VSD" written by Erik Sampers. talks about the half-delivery cargo ship, half-cruise ship that links Tahiti to the Marquesas archipelago, offering passengers an original immersive experience in Polynesian culture.
cook's bay,baie de cook
Discover James Cook, the explorer of the Pacific!
A cruise in French Polynesia is an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of James Cook, the greatest navigator in Europe. During his three major expeditions, commissioned by the Admiralty, he made a major contribution to the knowledge of the Pacific.
nuku hiva blog post
Les Echos: "The Marquesas, ultimate Polynesia"
May 27, 2018, Les Echos (France) In May, 2018, Les Echos published an article on Marquesas Islands, written by Anne Marie Gélinet. The journalist describes the itinerary of the Aranui, which provides year-round supplies to the most isolated archipelago in French Polynesia and one of the best preserved too.
Le Figaro: "Aranui, ultimate stopovers in the South Pacific"
May 2, 2021, Le Figaro (France) The journalist recounts his experience on the Aranui, discovering a Polynesia that we never see, with Pitcairn as a highlight.
mixed cargo boat for a cruise in polynesia
Le Monde : "Cargo of life"
29 January 2021, Le Monde (France). The Aranui cruises are presented in an article in "Le Monde" written by François Bostnavaron. The journalist talks about his experience on board the Aranui 5 and tells about his exceptional trip to the Marquesas Islands.
aranui blog post
Le Point: "A cargo named Desire"
February 22, 2018, Le Point (France) In February, 2018, Le Point published an article dedicated to the Aranui, written by André Trentin. For the journalist, the Aranui offers one of the best ways to explore the Marquesas Islands and describes his experience in this travelogue.
enfant iles marquises
Géo: "The Marquesas dream"
February, 2018, Géo (France) Géo published an article on Marquesas Islands, written by Aline Maume. The journalist describes the Marquesas archipelago and mentions the cruises of the Aranui, which serves these remote and enchanting islands.
perles noires de tahiti
Polynesia cruise: all about the black pearls of Tahiti
Polynesian mythology speaks of black pearls as the first shards of light given by the Creator to Tāne, a deity who presided over the ten levels of the sacred heavens. Tāne made them into stars before sending them to Ruahatu, the god of the oceans, to illuminate his universe.
Trip Savvy : “I Hitched a Ride On a Cargo Ship to Scuba Dive in Remote South Pacific Islands”
June 09, 2021, Trip Savvy (USA). The Aranui has been featured in an article by Trip Savvy, written by Suzie Dundas. The journalist talks about her experience on board the Aranui and how she enjoyed scuba diving in French Polynesia, which she definitely considers as some of the best she’s ever done.
Matador Network : “8 dreamy experiences in French Polynesia, from paddling a va'a to diving with eagle ray”
June 22, 2021, Matador Network (USA). The Aranui has been featured in an article by Matador Network, written by the journalist Suzie Dundas. Taking the Aranui to discover the Marquesas, the most remote archipelago in the country is on the journalist's top 8 dreamy experiences in French Polynesia.
The Smithsonian Magazine: “This Polynesian Cruise Ship has a resident tatoo artist”
January 6, 2021, Smithsonian Magazine (USA). The journalist Flora Mendez presents Eddy Tata, who provides passengers on the Aranui with Polynesian-style tattoos based on their life stories.
Moorea Tahiti
Polynesia Cruise: focus on our stopovers in the Society Islands
An essential element of a cruise in French Polynesia, the Society Islands owe their name to the Royal Society of London, which financed the first voyage of Captain Cook in 1769. There are two of them, the Windward Islands and the Leeward Islands, which can be visited on a dedicated 7-day cruise with Aranui.
nuku hiva blog post
Nuku Hiva: This paradise island is one of the remotest places on the planet
The June issue of CNN Travel takes a deep dive in to the cobalt blue waters that surround Nuku Hiva, the capital of the Marquesas, to examine this remote island paradise and reveals it’s fascinating history and ancient culture as well as the traditional cuisine and natural wonders of this ‘Land of Men’. Click here to read the feature.
vannerie tahiti
The art of Polynesian weaving to discover during a cruise in Tahiti
Among the ancestral traditions to discover during your Tahiti cruise, the art of Polynesian weaving is materialized today through magnificent hats, baskets, ornaments, and other various objects, such as the pē'ue, a carpet of different sizes, made by Polynesian women...
back to back tikis marquise islands
Marquesas Islands Cruise: Meet the Polynesian tikis of Hiva Oa
Hop aboard Aranui 5 and sail 1,500 km northeast of Tahiti, for a cruise to the Marquesas Islands: composed of 12 islands, of which only 6 are inhabited, you will discover a land of stories and legends, as incredible as they are inspiring.
centre culturel paul bauguin iles marquises
Cruise to the Marquesas Islands: in the footsteps of the artists
For two centuries the Marquesas have served as a refuge for writers, artists, explorers and adventurers. Beyond the fine sand of the beaches of Bora-Bora, a cruise to the Marquesas Islands offers a cultural immersion into the lives of Jacques Brel and Paul Gauguin.
maohi à dos de cheval à la mer
Aranui 5: a cargo and cruise ship for an adventure cruise in the Marquesas
Your cruise in the Marquesas Islands will have an exceptional flavour aboard this passenger/cargo ship, custom-built for your comfort. The Aranui experience is unique and is offered by Polynesians eager to show you their islands, marked by ancient traditions and authenticity.
tattooed polynesian in traditional dress
Singing and dancing: Two Polynesian traditions to discover on a cruise to the Marquesas Islands!
During a cruise to the Marquesas Islands aboard Aranui 5, dive in to the heart of Polynesian traditions and take an intimate and authentic journey to explore the richness of the ancestral culture, in its still preserved spaces. Discover the songs and dances, enhanced and organised every year by the "Marquesas Arts Festival"!
Le Mana: Discover the Polynesian way of life on a cruise in the Marquesas Islands
Mana is a "higher force prevalent in nature, inhabiting certain beings and certain things, to which it confers the power to dominate others by their great physical power, their almost supernatural gifts, both sacred and magical and which can be transmitted to another member of the clan". A concept strongly present on our ship Aranui 5, during cruises in the Marquesas Islands.
tatoo dos iles marquises island
Learn about the ancient art of tattooing with Aranui Cruises in Polynesia!
Beyond a simple ornament, the Polynesian tattoo is one of the most beautiful riches of Polynesian culture. Today recognised all over the world, it fascinates and arouses curiosity. Step on board Aranui 5 for a cruise in French Polynesia, and discover an ancestral art, with an indelible memory that is considered among the most beautiful of its kind.