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The Smithsonian Magazine: “This Polynesian Cruise Ship has a resident tatoo artist”


Smithsonian Magazine released an article about Aranui’s tatooer

On January 6, 2021, the Aranui has been featured in an article by the Smithsonian Magazine, written by the journalist Lola Mendez. The journalist presents Eddy Tata, who provides passengers on the Aranui with Polynesian-style tattoos based on their life stories. Born on the 40-square-mile island of Ua Pou in the Marquesas, Eddy Tata learned to draw by watching his Uncle Moana Kohumoetini tattoo.

Read the full article by clicking here.


„Tata’s childhood passion for drawing alongside his uncle has led to a celebrated career as a highly sought-after Polynesian tattoo artist. Currently, Tata is the resident tattoo artist on the Aranui 5, a passenger-freighter vessel making 14-day voyages between Tahiti and the Marquesas Islands. The 410-foot-long ship is the main lifeline for carrying supplies and tourists around the six islands of Marquesas, and aims to immerse passengers in the culture of French Polynesia. Ninety-seven percent of the staff and crew are Polynesian and hail from all five archipelagos in French Polynesia. The ship offers lectures on Marquesas history, culture and archeology as well as cultural enrichment classes on local dances and songs, making shell leis, and the Marquesan and Tahitian languages. As the onboard tattoo artist, Tata provides passengers with custom Polynesian-style tattoos based on their life stories.“

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